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OA01.03. Emergency management of pakshaghata - A case study

Prasan Shankar 
 KVG Ayurveda Medical College, Sullia, India

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Prasan Shankar
KVG Ayurveda Medical College, Sullia


Method: Pakshaghata, is a vatavyadhi. It can be correlated to the biomedical cerebrovascular condition called «SQ»stroke«SQ».The lakshanas include, ruja, vakstambha, etc. It«SQ»s types are kaphanubandha and pittanubandha. Even though pakshaghata is a vata vyadhi, and mentioned in the nanatmaja vataja vikaras of charaka, it is not a shuddha vataja condition. There is samsarga of Pitta and kapha, clearly mentioned by Susrutha and Madhava nidana.In all the above explanations it is clear that raktadushti leading to vata prakopa is the underlying cause of the disease. The management of pakshaghata being reported in this paper is a case of ischemic stroke. Patient manifested with In the initial stage, treatment followed was teeksha nasya karma, which is akephepakavat chikitsa line of treatment as mentioned by Acharya Susrutha and Astanga sangraha for the purpose of reversing mada, murcha or sanyasa which is the pittaavrita vata stage of the disease. Once reversal of initial stage of pittavrita vata was accomplished, mridu virechana karma, svedana, abhyanga and basti were done for treating kaphaja and vataja stage of the disease and restore dosha balance. Nasya 8 drops in each nostril, Virechana Gandharva Hasta Eranda Taila 1030ml+30ml Dugdha, Agni alepa, Basti Anuvasana 80ml Brihat saindhava taila, Niruha 500ml mahamanjistadi kashaya. Result: After the course of treatment which lasted 15 days there was considerable reversal of symptoms. The recovery was promising and worth documenting.The results and discussion will be presented during the presentation. Conclusion: The above mentioned protocol to treat atyayika cases of pakshaghata is unique. The recovery was promising and worth documenting.

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