Ancient Science of Life

: 2013  |  Volume : 32  |  Issue : 6  |  Page : 79-

PA03.10. A comparative study on Tailabindhu Muthra Pareeksha w.s.r Mrutpatra and Kachapatra

Devi Nair 
 SDM College of Ayurveda & Hospital`, Hassan, India

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Devi Nair
SDM College of Ayurveda & Hospital`, Hassan


Purpose: Investigations play a major role in diagnosis of any disease. Even in Ayurveda literature various examination methods are explained, even then we are completely depending on modern parameters due to lack of proper understanding and explanations available in our texts. So need of the hour is to evaluate the practicability of Tailabindhu Mutra Pareeksha with standardisation according to classical text so as to make it relevant in the present era and successfully prove its importance. Method: A comparative experimental clinical study on Tailabindhu Mutra Pareeksha standardised as per classical reference was conducted on 35 IPD patients of SDMCAHH with varied diagnosis including Madhumeha, Thamakashwasa, Kamala,Pakshaghata etc. Before sunrise mid stream urine of 35 patients were collected and analysed under sunlight through Tailabindhu Mutra Pareeksha standardised apparatus. Urine samples of individual patients were taken in Mrutpatra and Kachapatra respectively and simultaneously Tailabindhu was dropped and changes were observed for change in shape and movement was analysed accordingly in the background of Ayurvedic literature and modern scientific knowledge taking into consideration various lab investigation and documentation was done along with photographs. Result: Experiment was done simultaneously in Mrutpatra and Kachapatra for the mid stream urine sample collected from 35 patients and both showed noticeable change with close correlation to the modern clinical prognosis. In specific cases the changes shown by standardised test of Tailabindhu Mutra Pareeksha in Mrutpatra seemed to be more precise than the standardised test done with Kachapatra. Conclusion: A method is designed to practically utilize Tailabindhu Mutra Pareeksha fulfilling basic standards explained in text.Out of 35 samples done a variation was observed in Mrutpatra and Kachapatra in movement and shape of Taila in Urine with Mrutpatra giving a more accurate result shows a need in giving emphasis to the texture of the vessel used in Tailabindhu Mutra Pareeksha

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Nair D. PA03.10. A comparative study on Tailabindhu Muthra Pareeksha w.s.r Mrutpatra and Kachapatra.Ancient Sci Life 2013;32:79-79

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Nair D. PA03.10. A comparative study on Tailabindhu Muthra Pareeksha w.s.r Mrutpatra and Kachapatra. Ancient Sci Life [serial online] 2013 [cited 2020 Jul 6 ];32:79-79
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From the proceedings of Insight Ayurveda 2013, Coimbatore. 24th and 25th May 2013